Let's see if I can clarify my vague instructions a little more…

You need to be working on two distinct documents (three if you count notes so you can repeat the processes).

Document 1
The first quiz grade will be the collection that I apparently did a horrible job of describing, at the very end of class. Let me try again here.

You'll probably begin noticing "issues" with the tools and the sets of data. I'll begin a topic in the Discussion Board [http://ischool.wikidot.com/forum:start] for you to voice those, and for others to share possible solutions. You do have to sign up for a wikidot, but I think this is my wiki of choice to have you develop your own math wiki. more on this later And I need someone to try this out to see if I need to invite you to use the Board.

Remember, all I asked is for you to try out the tools; if you get too frustrated, put this down and step away. We have time to work together on this.

Document 2
This the vaguely reference Superhero tie-in. Remember I asked you collect data relating the character, to money and a date.
For example

  • (date of first appearance, original cost)
  • (date of most valuable sell, sell price)

or you could gather data about the movies, if more than one exist.

  • (date of first movie, first day or first week revenue)
  • (date of most recent movie, first day or first week revenue)

Right now this is as far as you need to go, but I alluded to the idea that you're going to develop a model that you can predict on, based on this data, so you might try it out in the math tools that you've been practicing on.

  • We'll discuss the final product for this document on Tuesday, but it will look very much like the product for Document 1.
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