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Geometry as a system

HW DUE 09.15,16
u1hw2: Do every multiple of 3 on the following pages. (3,6,9,12,15, etc)
1. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/10-Volume%20of%20Prisms%20and%20Cylinders.pdf
2. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/10-Spheres.pdf

formulas to memorize

HW DUE 09.14,15
u1hw1: Do every multiple of 3 on the following pages. (3,6,9,12,15, etc)
1. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/3-The%20Midpoint%20Formula.pdf
2. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/3-The%20Distance%20Formula.pdf
3. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/6-Area%20of%20Triangles%20and%20Quadrilaterals.pdf
4. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/10-Surface%20Area%20of%20Prisms%20and%20Cylinders.pdf
5. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/10-Volume%20of%20Pyramids%20and%20Cones.pdf
6. http://kutasoftware.com/FreeWorksheets/GeoWorksheets/10-Surface%20Area%20of%20Pyramids%20and%20Cones.pdf
That'll do for now.

HW DUE 09.09
Go to [http://www.mbhs.edu/departments/math/Geometry.pdf] and work out the Summer Review Packet. Do the work on another paper; do NOT try to squeeze it all on to that page.

Not: T/Th classes also have until Friday, but have to make a special trip to drop it off on Friday. You can turn it in early into the correct tray.

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