SPECIAL NOTE: Monday, Sept 13 is Science/Social Studies TAKS benchmark; Wednesday, Sept 15 is Math TAKS benchmark. BRING YOUR CALCULATOR; We do NOT have enough for each person.
Since 1st period will miss on these days, I have extended your due date to 09.20. Plan so that almost all of your work can be done outside of class.

This is a grade
Head over to the Geometry Forum start for the 1st discussion. Then reply to my post as instructed. Don't forget to also reply to another students comment as well.

To do this you also have to register with wikidot.com (it's FREE) in the top right corner of this page and join the iSchool site. The password to join is homework.

-Discuss end product
-Discuss Rubrics

*Write up Management Page, with Activity/Contact Person/Due Date DUE: 09.14: Yes 1st period will have to make a special trip to see me and check this in for their grade.

-Intro to Geometry - Eratosthenes
-Intro to Project 1 - "What's that Doohickey?"
-Describe end product
-Develop teams
-Draft Terms
-point, line, plane, collinear, coplanar, line segment, endpoints, congruent segments, midpoint, segment bisector, ray
-angle, vertex of an angle, measure of the angle, side of the angle, degrees, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, congruent angles, angle bisector
-parallel lines, perpendicular lines, skew lines
-right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, vertical angles, linear pair, complementary angles, supplementary angles
-polygon, side of a polygon, vertex of a polygon, consecutive angles, consecutive sides, opposite angles, diagonal, opposite sides, concave polygon, convex polygon, congruent polygons, equilateral polygon, equiangular polygon, regular polygon
-right triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle, scalene triangle, isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, equiangular triangle, vertex angle of isosceles triangle, base of isosceles triangle, base angles of isosceles triangle
-quadrilateral, trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, kite, parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square
-circle, radius, diameter, congruent circles, concentric circles, arc of a circle, endpoints of an arc, semicircle, minor arc, major arc, arc measure, central angle, chord, tangent, point of tangency, secant, segment of a circle
-space, pyramid, cylinder, prism, cone, sphere, hemisphere
-look over list and start planning for the draft
-plan jobs and timeline for project: Visuals due Sept 16,20

Culture of the class
-on time to class; pencil, paper, and notebook out and ready;

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