F 08.29.14
-Class discussion(1.5 Angle Relationships; 1.6 Using Formulas)

hw1.3: (EOO) (EOO)

W 08.27.14
-Class discussion(1.3 Measure Segments; 1.4 Measure Angles)

hw1.2: (Every Other Odd) (EOO) (EOO)

M 08.25.14
Class Discussion
(0.1 School/Class Culture; 1.1 Geometry as a System; 1.2 Point,Line,Plane)

HW: hw1.1
-Read geom-syllabus-sw1.doc
-Take the Welcome Information Survey
I know it looks like a lot, but it's not every problem.
Hard Questions
hw1.1: (3-8,26,31,41,46,47,49,62,64,67)

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