Ap Biology Exam Resources

=AP Exam Preparation:

All students that are considering taking the Advanced Placement test given in May. It is strongly recommended that students purchase an AP Biology test prep book. There are many, many varieties and they all can be found at a local bookstore. Take the practice tests in these books so that you can become familiar with what to expect. When trying to find an AP Biology test prep book, choose one that also lets you see sample essays. Some books just focus on the multiple choice, and you need to be exposed to both parts of the exam.

You must commit to spend considerable amount of time outside of class learning more in depth of the required material for the exam. THERE IS TOO MUCH information and not enough class time in order to cover everything you need to know for the exam.

To be successfull….Work on Biology EVERY night!. The ideal would be about one (1) hour per night or approximately six (6) hours per week. This would include textbook reading lecture review, lab notebook assignments, extra credit assignments, and test preparation.

Below under the Files tab, you will find the Chapter Objectives, Outlines and Power Points that will be used as a guide for you to cover the material. As you cover ther material answer all Chapter Objective question with as much detail as it takes. The details will help you connect the information. Also there will be weekly timeline posted to that you will have to accomplish on your OWN TIME in order to cover the in depth material.

AP Biology Weekly Assignments

2nd 6 Weeks:

Please Download the Document Titled "2nd 6 Weeks AP Assignments" to get detailed instruction of what is due weekly.

Due Dates: (Friday) Assignments:

1. Oct 7th
2. Oct 14th
3. Oct 21st
4. Oct 28th

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